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  • AMP 1.6 contact wire terminal 962876-1 automotive Micro Timer  electrical connector terminals

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  • AMP 1.6 contact wire terminal 962876-1 automotive Micro Timer  electrical connector terminals 


    Sealed/Unsealed : Sealed
    Material : Brass 
    Wire range : 0.5 - 1.0 mm2 
    Finish Tin plating 

    316836-1 85205-1 368290-1 368448-1 368293-1 368294-1 368297-1 171631-1 173630-1 968975-1 1-180907-6 1-967325-1 174045-2 174046-2 282308-1 174055-2 965444-1 965445-1 175062-1 183024-1 183025-1 2-927770-1  962876-1 185027 927768-3 969044-1 185026 6070-1621 6070-1481 170032-5
    178792-2 0-0925590-1 35492-9702 RS220-02600 WS201011L 7157-3857-60
    7114-4830-02 1300-7398 RS220-03100 0-0963531-1 316867-1 RS220-01100
    RS220-02600 RS300-02000 6604162BSS 12089678 RS220-01100 35903-0022
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